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What is the Brightz Saga125 Watch by Seiko?

Seiko Brightz Saga125

The Seiko collectible Star Wars Darth Vader Brightz SAGA125 has only 1,500 limited edition units worldwide. The Saga125 Brightz comes with Calibre 8B54 and has a diamond filled dial. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Wars, Seiko has created a special series of six restricted edition timepieces.

The Saga125 watches are each devoted to a special character from the movie and they vary in design and features, with some of them being automatic and some electronic. These unique items were exclusively available in Japan from October 12, 2012. Much like the Astron GPS watch released at the Baselworld event this year, these Star Wars watches are incredibly geeky. Moreover, unlike the other movie-inspired watches, these are high-quality and reliable pieces, some of them featuring a mechanical movement.

Seiko Brightz Saga125 For Sale

The first is the Darth Vader World Time Solar Radio Wave Control SAGA125. This is a solar powered watch that synchronizes with the atomic clock radio.