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What is the Seiko Brightz Sagz102 watch?

Seiko Brightz Sagz102

The Seiko Brightz Limited Edition SAGZ102 is a men’s watch made by Seiko. It is powered by a Japanese solar quartz movement with a 7B27 calibre. The case is made out of titanium and gold plating, and it is round in shape. The case measures 38.5 mm in diameter and 9.2 mm in thickness. It has a white analog dial and a sapphire, super clear coating glass. The band is made from crocodile leather and comes in either brown or blue. It has a water resistance of 100 m. and belongs to the Seiko Brightz collection.

Seiko Brightz Sagz102 For Sale

The features of this watch include radio control, limited edition, date, screw-down crown and a perpetual calendar with world time. This watch was produced in a limited quantity, making it a collectible item. The perpetual calendar will accurately show day, date and month, including leap years until 2100. The radio control will make sure that the displayed time is always precise. The screw-down crown helps to secure the watch.

This watch was produced in a restricted number and is exceptional, uncommon and sought-after. It will display the day, date and month automatically, including leap years until the date 2100. This timepiece can also receive a calibration radio signal, guaranteeing that the time displayed is always precise. The crown is shielded by a screw-down mechanism, which enhances water-resistance. Furthermore, this watch can be powered by almost any light source and can run for several months or longer in the dark when it has been totally charged.